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A supporter of Donald Trump. Someone so fucking stupid that they ignore obvious hypocrisy and flat-out lies; they are closet racists, and are happy that there is finally a presidential candidate who publicly expresses their ignorant hatred.
Also referred to as four-toothed cousin-fuckers.
Every time a Trumptard opens his/her mouth, you see why they support him: they're too stupid to actually realize how stupid they are.
by Dharma Midget July 02, 2016

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A generic term for anyone who flies the Southern Cross, supports Donald Trump, drives a mud-encrusted monster truck, has less than a high school education, and/or actually enjoys sexual relations with family members -- as in Donald Trump's lust for his own daughter.
This stupid fuck at work still believes that Obama is a Muslim who wasn't born in the U.S. That four-toothed cousin-fucker shouldn't be allowed to vote. Or breed.
by Dharma Midget July 02, 2016

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Someone who has frequent sex, with anyone who will stoop low enough to fuck them, regardless of physical appearance and/or hygiene.
"So I heard you're dating that new waitress..."
"Yeah, why?"
"Dude, she's a doorknob -- everyone gets a turn. I tagged her twice last month. I saw your dad coming out of her apartment yesterday."
by Dharma Midget July 02, 2016

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When severe munchies start, it's time to hit the fridge/snack food aisle/Taco Bell with the ferocity of a terrorist trying to buy the affection of his/her imaginary friend in the sky. Allahu snackbar is the declaration of intention in such a scenario.
"Dude, is the blunt done?"
"Yeah, why?"
"I'm 'bout to 9-11 your fridge. ALLAHU SNACKBAR!"

Although his friends agreed that it was their favorite moment of the road trip, Steven realized that yelling "ALLAHU SNACKBAR!" in the McDonald's drive-thru was not the smartest idea he'd ever had.
by Dharma Midget November 21, 2016

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Voicing one's decision to not go out for the evening. Not to be confused with the overused and misunderstood "namaste."
"You going to Dave's party tonight? Should be a good one."
"Namastay.Got Netflix and pizza."
by Dharma Midget June 28, 2016

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To be so painfully stupid that you deny the facts literally right in front of your face, even when your entire life may be at stake.
The so-called "president" is so Trumpish, a new word was invented to quantify his legendary stupidity.
by Dharma Midget November 01, 2017

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A compound word of scum and grunge, referring to a slimy-textured area of filth.
I was at the Iggy Azalea concert last night. She bent over right in front of me -- I've never seen scunge like that.
by Dharma Midget November 05, 2014

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