The hottest man walking on earth.
Erica: u know tom Hiddleston?
Jessica: the hottest man walking on earth?
by Dilifwh0re March 6, 2021
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A walking definition of a Human God. Sexy as hell. He is famous for playing the charecter of Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
He has an army (of fan girls). Would give you an orgy with his smile. Plus he is British. The gentle, soft-spoken, humble and sexy one.
There is no-one else like Tom Hiddleston.
by Loki's soul May 26, 2019
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British man who is so tall he is practically a giant which is ironic since he plays sexy frost giant Loki Odinson who was sadly killed by a raisin. He has fluffy brown curls of hair that can be magically transformed into long black wavy hair 😫 He is so soft and pretty and humble and kind I just love him.
Tom Hiddleston was accused of making women’s ovaries explode.
by renee hiddleston 🙈 May 16, 2021
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Some sort of long forgotten mythical creature that has come to life to destroy us all.

Legend says he charms his victims with his smile and sweet personality so they don’t know he is actually putting a spell on them that will turn them into Hiddlestoners who will then do nothing but look at pictures of him and flail. He also appears to have the power to control women’s reproductive organs, either destroying them completely or sending them into baby-making overdrive. The only plausible reason for any of this is that he does what he wants.

Identifying a Tom Hiddleston:

-Power Stance-ing all over the damn place

-He will probably be wearing an entirely leather outfit.

-If he is sitting, his knees will be about 4 miles apart from each other

-You will hear the call of the ‘ehehehe

-Constant lip licking

If you spot a Tom Hiddleston just stay calm, offer him some sort of pudding and back away slowly. Then run like you’re in a horror movie. He’ll probably catch you anyways(long legs are all the better to catch you with) but at least you tried.
Girl 1: *sitting in front of a computer staring at a picture of Tom Hiddleston*

Girl 2: Hey… you okay? *pokes girl 1 in the arm*

Girl 3: It’s no use. She watched Thor for the first time last night. She’s been like this since the first scene with Loki in it.

Girl 2: How could you let her watch that! You know what it does to people.

Girl 3: I tried to stop her! She wouldn’t listen to me!

Girl 2: Another friend lost to the Tom Hiddleston.

Girl 3: It was bound to happen eventually.

Girl 2: Oh no… we have to get out of here. I think shes starting up Wallander. *tugs on Girl 3’s arm*

Girl 3: Magnus… Maaaaaaagnuuuuusss…

by G.F.Y.T.H. July 1, 2012
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Also known as The God of Mischief/Hair. Most known for his role as Magnus Martinsson in Wallander, F.Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight In Paris and Loki in Thor and the upcoming The Avengers. To sum this perfect human being up, he is everything blonde curls are made of.
Look at that head of blonde curls, it must be Tom Hiddleston
by Penniman February 26, 2012
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