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-Has a dirty guitar sound, strong riffs, and heavy drumming
-Guitars usually tuned to a lower key
-Commonly used guitar distortion and feedback
-Draws heavily on Punk
-Lyrics are typically angst-filled, angry, frustrated, sad, fearsome, and depressed
-Some people dont like Nirvana because they were the most popular band and overshadowed bands like Alice In Chains and Soundgarden

-Take as little effort as possible on appearence and dress for comport and affordability
-Reject the idea that one must always purchase the things that one wants or needs from others
-Like obscure indie bands, but disown those bands when they sign to major lables
-Never follow trends

-Strive for apathy and underachiement
-Act like you dont care, even if you do
-Usually have cynnical and negative outlooks upon life
-Respect women and reject jocks

1987 - Mark Arm of Green River and Mudhoney first uses the word Grunge
1990 - Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone ODs on heroin
1991 - Nirvana releases Nevermind, which breaks grunge into the mainstream
1992 - Bands like Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and the Stone Temple Pilots gain popularity
1993 - Grunge starts to decline among long time fans due to the commercializing and exploitation by corperations and bands jumping onto the bandwagon
1994 - Kurt Cobain kills himself, gerorating major shockwaves around the world, another stab at grunge
1995 - Post-grunge bands like Live and Bush rise in popularity (a watered down form of grunge without the dirty guitars and distortion)
1997 - Soundgarden breaks up, grunge has lost its strangle-hold in the masses to pop princesses and boy bands
2000 - All good music dies and rap, pop, and poser-punk bands roam the earth
2002 - Nirvana tops charts with an unreleased new song; You Know Your Right
2002 - Layne Stayle ODs
2006 - Pearl Jam reminds people that they're still alive with a new album
Nirvana was not the frst grunge band, but they were the first grunge band to have mainstream success
by krtdive May 30, 2006
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A way of life, living without care, not giving a fucking shit. Main stream describes it as a music genre but really most people who are grunge listen to alternative music mostly, along with rock metal and punk. Most of the style came from the west coast, Seattle being a major input but also Cali and Nevada helped with large populations of grunge.

Some of you almost got it. But the rest of you... Go fuck yourself, you will never get it.
Living a grunge lifestyle you do a lot less laundry.
by Tiny Kittenz January 15, 2013
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Definition: a style of rock music featuring harsh guitar chords, heavy riffs and drumming, and whose performers wear sloppy clothes; also called grunge, grunge rock, grunge metal
people who think NIRVANA isn't grunge are retarded because they are. If it weren't for them then you probably wouldn't know what grunge is.

Grunge isn't dead, it's just taking a nap.
by Whore-Bag July 11, 2006
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First of all, grunge is not a style. It is a genre of music that started in the late 80s. If you see a person wearing a Nirvana shirt with purple hair and Doc Martens, that does not make them "grunge". They may call themselves grunge but like I said it's not a fashion style. It is a music genre. Nirvana did not start grunge. There had been many bands before Nirvana that were grunge. Nirvana isn't the only mainstream grunge band either. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, and many more bands are all grunge. There is no such thing as soft grunge. That has never existed and it never will. When people say "Grunge is dead," they don't know what they are talking about because there are bands out there that are grunge. So grunge is simply a music genre and nothing else.
Sarah: I'm grunge. I have pastel hair, Doc Martens, and a Nirvana tee shirt.

Max: No you're not. Grunge is not a style. It is a genre of music like Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.
by Maybetomorrow February 24, 2013
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