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photographers and other people involved in the media, who follow people, especially celebrities, in order to look for stories
The Paparazzi are all over this town. They are such assholes.
by Light Joker August 03, 2007
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Paparazzi like to say that they are journalists but the reason they get a different identity is because real journalists are less likely to resort to dirty tricks and stirring the pot to get a story or are more interested in news that is of little relevance to a national discourse on issues of national defense or the economy. Paparazzi are the people who not only make someone into a celebrity with coverage but also the people who drive the same celebrity past the point of sanity or even to their death, but because the celebrity needs the paparazzi to sell news to fans--the celebrity might be inclined to rope a dopey fan into being his or her whipping boy.
Generally, the difference between a journalist and paparazzi is that the journalist is more interested in reporting relevant news rather than reporting, simply for the sake of money.
by Rosebud1776 April 21, 2017
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1) Comes from a character in the film 'La Dolce Vita' directed by Federico Fellini. 'Paparazzo' is the name of a celebrity photographer in the film.

2) Short, anoying, balding photographer with a taste for long lenses.
Ciao Paparazzo' que bella la Italia
by batan June 08, 2004
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Journalists who chase celebrities. (This is a mainstream word but submitted as a subtle variation from ambulance chaser.)
Princess Di was killed in an auto accident while being chased by paparazzi.
by David October 13, 2003
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There are two definitions.

1.) The 4th released song by American pop music artist Lady GaGa.

2.) Term used in America for people with cameras that basically stalk a celebrity and take pictures of them. Italian for " annoying bug".
1.) "I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me, papa paparazzi!" - Paparazzi, Lady GaGa

2.) I can't believe when Tiger Woods left the grocery store there was no paparazzi to take pictures of him!
by Abs Durk April 06, 2010
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Italian for "annoying fly." Used as described in the above definition.
the paperazzi are why i dont want to be famous
by annon. February 08, 2004
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Amateur photo-journalists who have found a way to capitalize on the uninteresting stuff famous people do.
I'm going to become a paparazzi so I can take pictures of celebrities eating lunch and make tons of money!
by Garanger February 28, 2008
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