British terminology for "the police" or "cops" or "police officer", etc related to law enforcers.
"Don't mess wi'uh filth."
-DC Carter, The Getaway
by Dave January 16, 2004
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The pigs, bacon, 5-0, po'-po', the Cops. The best term for Piggery is the Filth. Originated in Britain.
Cheese it, boys! Its da filth!
by Uncle Funkalunkel September 23, 2003
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The friendly local metropolitan police and/or pigs
"Drop the shit an run its the filth!"

"Its the filth kick their fuckin heads in!"
by English guy February 24, 2005
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filth,the. british english slang for the police.

see also;

the filth were hot on our tail
by meniven December 12, 2003
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A commonly used term around the dubstep and grime community usually referring to how good a certain track or bassline is.
Whaddup? Have you heard that new song by "that guy" , it's absolutely filth.
by That Guy10193 October 2, 2009
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1. Dirty, Naughty,Sexual things
2. See Eric Gotti for demonstration
1.I wana do filth with you
2.You wana do filth?
3.Eric n Dan are the kings of filthiness
4.Got filth?
by Alex April 12, 2005
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