You are a phenomenon if you are a Gordon. Always elusive and seemingly crazy, they can be both the greatest person in you life or the one who makes you want to hide in a hole. They are either a person you hate or love.
I miss you, Gordon!
by pekingcat=^'.w'^= June 2, 2016
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Gordon is somebody who is a Russian spy/vampire and will gather info on you using his dog Ellie. A Gordon looks like a vampire had a baby with a god
Person 1 “I just met this super cool guy with this sick dog

Person 2 “Make sure that they aren’t a Gordon
by Jayne is perfect May 9, 2020
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A word normally related to human naming gives power over those of law thus over-riding and creating laws within its society. Having a child named 'Gordon" automatically gives authority to the named.
I shall resort to the Gordon to pass this law
Gordon is the law maker here!!
by lawmaker123 March 26, 2012
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Did you see the bulge in his pants?! He's such a Gordon.
by Carlyiswanderlust June 28, 2016
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The best thing that has ever happened to me, my favorite person in the world, and the one to receive all my love forever. I miss you so much and i love you <3
A: Gordon Ng, Ive waited 17 years for you, where were you all this time?? >:(

G: Sorry Angela~ you are so good at hiding, it took me a while to find you ><
by Chupachup December 24, 2012
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A fun loving, outgoing person.

Likes to hang around with girls and likes playing sports with the guys. -- Ladies Man .
Paul: yo lets go shoot some hoops after school
Gordon: nahh gonnaa be with the ladies at the park.

Paul: aww. you trippin'
Gordon: jealous much ? :D
by gerdin May 22, 2010
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Gordon is a random dude wich has a larger Genital region than Dan!!!!
"Dan:Aw man Gordon scares me"
"Dan:Cos hes got a bigger dick than me!"
by blehhhhhhhh May 15, 2006
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