To smack a fruit fly out of the air on the first attempt.
Used as an exclamation when successful.

From the Obama interview where he does the same, causing a PETA scandal.
by missfraz May 16, 2012
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Sexual reference in which you tell your female partner you're going to pull out, but you CHANGE your mind after getting "into office"
My girlfriend just told me we have another kid on the way, because I pulled an Obama a couple weeks ago.
by The PropheTeeR April 02, 2010
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A corporate puppet. Who has been chosen by mainstream media to become the number 1 democratic candidate. People like him so much because they haven`t heard of Gravel, Kucinich or Paul
Stupid American: I`m like sooo voting for Obama because all my favorite celebrities are going to.

Intelligent American: Shut up
by seare March 24, 2008
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obama is a katie. everyone believes god is a women but it’s actually a katie. obama is always in a suit and tie. very chill man. the only president of the untied states. great at art and has funny tweets. also is in love with chris mclean.
obama: hi it’s me obama aka katie i am dating chris mclean follow happiestobama on twitter.
via giphy
by boodyfruity July 18, 2019
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Barack Obama -- the incompetence of Jimmy Carter, criminality/corruption of Nixon, and charisma of Charles Manson and Hitler (complete with cult following of braindead minions who would like to re-write history) all rolled into one.
The cult following of Obama by brainwashed leftists and bigots who swoon over good speeches (see Hitler) might be the creepiest thing of all. Even many in the media have fallen for it.
by your history buff February 10, 2014
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