someone who is so stupid, the only word close enough to their stupidity is "stupid fuck"
that pen is green not red, u stupid fuck
by jason April 12, 2004
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a EXTREMLY not smart person
hey how smart is bob, ohh man thats one stupid fuck
by kareempuff July 17, 2008
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someone who cant find their ass with 2 hands.
the stupidest fuck i know is wes hampson.

mike martin is such a stupid fuck.

nick losapio is a stupid fuck at EHS.
by paul stevenson February 23, 2006
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1. A term used to identify someone who is lacking in both intelligence and common sense, and whose lack of those attributes is often willful or belligerent. (Noun)

2. Describes someone who refuses to thoroughly understand a topic, and will not take any correction. This causes them to regularly provide incorrect information on almost everything they talk about. (Noun)

3. A person who clings to an incorrect opinion or perspective, despite being shown evidence to the contrary. (Noun)

*Note; Stupid Fuck is gender specific, referring only to males. The feminine specific noun with the same meaning is "stupid bitch."
"I tried to tell Joey that prime numbers are only divisible by themselves and the number one, but the stupid fuck keeps insisting that 9 is a prime number."

"You would think that after damaging her car door that many times, the stupid bitch would park further apart from the vehicles next to her."
by Wordistopheles April 1, 2014
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A neanderthal who doesn't get that just because you have a stupid friend, it doesn't mean you have to top his autism. See "how to be held up 6 ft by your fucking balls by a taken girl". Also see "how to out autist your friend who got fucked up by an ugly depressed emo girl".
"No no, but Lucas said if i wait long enough, i'll get my chance! His stupid manager's boyfriend said so!" - stupid fuck
by Rupert Pupkinn March 11, 2017
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a man who doesn't know a good woman when he has one...until she's gone!

one who doesn't now how to communicate.
the guy you dated for years doesn't call for six months and all his shit ends up in a box labled stupid fuck!

calls you when he's drunk, eventhou he has a girlfriend.
by girlsgirlsgirls September 12, 2012
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