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The motion of a morbidly obese person attempting to run.
Oprah ran out of Slim Jims right before her big party, so she had to trut on down to the store to re-stock.
by Dharma Midget November 05, 2014
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Trut is the mutable concoction of facts employed for an ulterior purpose. Trut consists of exactly 4/5 of the stuff of truth. Four out of five letters lined up as a reasonable facsimile of truth.
Trut can be a violent phenomenon. One of the most advanced cases of a society trying to bring the dominant trut closer to the facts was the Los Angeles Rebellion of 1992. The citizens of LA knew that the Rodney King verdict delivered in Simi Valley was severely flawed. There was an overpoweringly widespread feeling that no amount of op/ed page copy or letters to the editor could change. So they took to the streets and let the world in on their trut: cops shouldn’t get away with beating the shit out of people for no good reason. The rebellion marked a turning point in the rise of trut. The Simi Valley jurors had a smoking gun (amateur videotape) and still refused to convict because they were holding on to their own trut. Their trut was that the cops are good. And that African-Americans—- even pummeled, prostate African-Americans surrounded by a dozen hyped up cops—- are a threat. And the tyranny of the smoking gun went down in flames.
by Daniel X. O'Neil September 10, 2005
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Dutch word, meaning just about the same as bitch, teef in dutch, but more in a pathethic, ugly and useless kinda way. Can be used for guys as well, making the whole thing even worse of course
Jezus Christus, wat is die Eugenie toch een godvergeten domme trut!! Kan ze dan echt helemaal niks??!?!??
by Señor Capitán May 07, 2006
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Another word for the word Bitch!
that chloe girl is such a trut!

those girls from the sugatruts are sooooooo anoying and manly
by Benn March 28, 2004
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a trut is a word used to describe someone who is trying to act like a slut but cant actually get any from anyone. in otherwords: a try-hard slut....aka trut
that girl is such a trut!
by avalon.... December 03, 2006
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A girl of increased promiscuity who particpates in a track and/or running division or team.
That girl is a trut for hugging him even though she has a boyfriend.
That trut is so annoying, she thinks she is such a fast runner.
by christinaandmeghan May 28, 2007
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