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A fucking obnoxious insulting asshole, a user on mIRC, Undernet, #terrebonne.
Fafoin sucks.
by Delf June 22, 2003
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A villain in the video game, Suikoden II. A blood-thirsty monster who burned down a poor innocent village and slaughtered every villages one-by-one with his sword, just for plain fun. Prince of the Highland Kingdom, son of Agares Blight.
Luca Blight: Hohohehahaha! Die, you pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Delf October 13, 2003
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From the anime Inuyasha. A demon named Kotatsu once dropped a shard of the Shikon no tama jewel in a pot of ink, and ever since then, everything drawn with this ink comes to life.
Ultimately, the magic ink requires human livers to retain it's power and Kotatsu winds up it's final victim.
by Delf October 13, 2003
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A summoner from Zanarkand, 1000 years ago, Shuyin's love interest. During the War of Machina, she was sent in Zanarkand's frontlines to battle against Bevelle. However, because of Shuyin's intrusion inside Bevelle, she, alone, went to stop his foolish actions---which were to be made to protect Lenne---and died, along with him, shot down by Bevelle soldiers. The Dressphere "Songstress" in Final Fantasy X-2 contains her memory, and her dancing skills, and so on.
Lenne and Yuna look a bit alike...
by Delf January 6, 2004
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Somebody a whole army of rocket launchers/uzis/automatic rifles-using soldiers can't even hit, but he can kill a whole army with two bullets.
by Delf June 23, 2003
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Take blue-berry juice, add some bubbles, and ya got a Pepsi Blue. Pepsi my ass.
This Pepsi Blue tastes like my dog's food.
by Delf June 23, 2003
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