A turd is someone you hate immediately without even knowing them.

Nine out of ten times, your first impressions of them were right on.

There is an old Buddhist saying…”No matter how much you wash a turd, it will not come clean.”

This saying means that some people are beyond saving. They are turds...
"That little ‘wannabe’ surfer guy with the Hawaiian shirt, khaki slacks and mussed up blond hair keeps hitting on my wife. He is one fucking Turd who is creeping me out."
by Ian De La Rosa September 20, 2013
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Generally, a log-shaped piece of shit.
Nevertheless, they are also found in coil-shape, mushroom-cloud shape, and even
loch ness monster shape.
From a country-and-western song: All she left me/ was a turd in the toilet
Unpublished Pink Floyd song: All in all your just/ another turd in the toilet
by Hugh G Rection September 17, 2003
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A pasty waste shaped like a log and released from the anus that usually creates a horrific smell
Chad : Oh Kiersten I could sit here with you and caress you body for hours.
Kiersten : Thanks Chad by the way did you Shit Your Pants?
Chad: Uh no it was probally Steve!
Kiersten : Why would Steve be in my apartment on a Friday night while we were cuddling?
Chad : Well you know how strong his Turds are the smell can linger for miles!
Kiersten : True that is so true about Steve!
by SlopNChop March 22, 2017
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A small, brown creature that lives in the bowel. When released from the anus into the toilet where it starts its journey through the sewage pipes, where it meets it's other fellow turds. They don't have such a long lifespan since as soon as they reach the sewage plant the smelly, uncouth creatures are sadly murdered.
This turd's doesn't want to leave!
by Jimmy Blog March 17, 2008
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A poo.............. ......
dude, that turd looks like Clinton
by Jaig November 27, 2004
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The best and most offensive insult you can call anyone, in all situations
What a complete and utter turd
by Diccyc December 16, 2004
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Some one who is really annoying.
Person#1: Your a turd
Person#2: There's a turd on the ground..
by Dachshund15 November 14, 2017
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