A suggestive starting phrase to seduce someone to have sex, normally in text messages and social media posts.
In my humble opinion, your reproductive organs are quite sizable.

In my humble opinion, your norks can feed an entire orphanage.

In my humble opinion, you have got silky smooth birth exit gate.
by Mr. Languages May 4, 2016
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A cliché phrase used to introduce one's viewpoint, typically in writing. The phrase is normally followed by a comma. Sometimes abbreviated to IMHO.
"In my humble opinion, Urban Dictionary is one of the most useful modern resources of the internet."

"In my humble opinion, winter is the best season and green is the nicest color."

"In my humble opinion, cats are always plotting something."
by The Professor and the Madman November 14, 2013
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A phrase used to feign modesty by people with inflated egos and an even more inflated sense of self worth. They often believe, falsely, that using this phrase will make them appear intelligent and benevolent. More often, it makes them appear like a douche.
"You're one of the few people I've come across worthy to carry on the human race. At least in my very humble opinion."
by MsBitchhands October 1, 2013
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An assertive phrase to introduce one's opinion by someone who is supremely confident it is the only valid viewpoint that makes logical sense. It is often abbreviated to IMFFHO. It should not be used by the faint hearted or those that cannot back it up with facts.
In my far from humble opinion, Matt Oxley writes like he's sitting on a time-bomb waiting for it to explode so he can be the first to report it
In my far from humble opinion, Valentino Rossi will never win another world championship
by Eyre of the Fred August 17, 2017
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