The ficticious world Of Final Fantasy X and X-2. The Two main cities of which Bevelle and Zanarkand were at war with each other resulting in the destruction of Zanarkand. Tidus and his father Jecht also Sin were inhabitants of this city. The word Spira is based upon 'Spiral' as in the spiral of Death.
We called it Sin...
The people that have gone and the dreams that have faded, neve forget them...
by Gothmog March 23, 2004
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-Martin Spira
-The man, the legend
"Spira is my homeboy"
"Where in the world is Martin Spira?"
by Daniela January 26, 2005
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A ship name created by Hosie Cult members, a combination from the names Spiridoula (Spi) and Raghad(Ra)
Spira is my otp
by Selovy March 31, 2019
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