38 definition by Delf

An obnoxious, retarded and somewhat defective AIM user who will sometimes shift unpredictably from a coherent form, to an insane, immature, childish and limitlessly irritating phase.

See also: Am Not Slave
Teh Fopster is an idiot, but we got rid of him. Good riddance. Oh, and his name's Andrew.
by Delf September 24, 2006

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From the anime Inuyasha. A demon named Kotatsu once dropped a shard of the Shikon no tama jewel in a pot of ink, and ever since then, everything drawn with this ink comes to life.
Ultimately, the magic ink requires human livers to retain it's power and Kotatsu winds up it's final victim.
by Delf October 13, 2003

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The expression "Yo-Dudes" uses to scare 13-years-old "Yo-Dudes".
"Hey you man, don't fuck up!"
by Delf June 23, 2003

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A word not to be SAID inside an asylum. A huge source of frustration in history.
by Delf June 23, 2003

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What you say when you weren't paying attention to one's mouthful opinions and social activities......or when everyone is looking at you directly.

(Pronunciation: wh-at, not "AHHH!!!")
What? Example?
by Delf June 23, 2003

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Somebody a whole army of rocket launchers/uzis/automatic rifles-using soldiers can't even hit, but he can kill a whole army with two bullets.
by Delf June 23, 2003

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a gun, heater, piece, gat, .44
"Niggas knows the deal we clap hammers and shit"

-Mobb Deep Burn Something
by deLf August 02, 2003

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