A huge city, home to the Yevon religion. In true facts, it is also the home of the most powerful machinas ever produced in Spira. (Exemple? Vegnagun. Filled by lying heathens, this city, in my humble opinion, stinks.
Bevelle rhymes with Turd.
by Delf January 5, 2004
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The bevel is a classic Rockettes pose. Bevels are part of choreography and transitions and a more formal pose that is used in photo shoots and during on-camera interviews.
I haven’t taught my mom how to bevel yet.
by Gentleolas March 4, 2018
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Derived from the word 'benevelent', meaning to be extra nice to people under the influence of alcohol (beverages).
Oh Anna, I'm feeling rather bevelent!
Hannah's being very bevelent with those randoms!
by Annabelle S March 12, 2007
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A word deriving from image-altering programs with the feature to 'bevel', used in everyday convosation in place of similar words begining with the letter B, to give comical effect.
Mr.A - "Hey mate you coming already?"

Mr.B - "Will be there ina bevel"

by MattyT-Pain April 26, 2009
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To leave a place, boring occasion.
Man...It's time to bevel out of this joint.
by Ikechukwu December 22, 2005
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Edge Bevel describes the degree of angle that a ski tech puts on a ski or snowboardedge. The level of edge hold depends on the edge bevel of both the side edge and the base edge of the ski or snowboard.

The average edge bevel equals one degree on the side edge and one degree on the base edge providing for a overall edge bevel of 88 degrees.

Snowboard and Ski Racers, Edge Heads and expert riders prefer greater degrees of Edge Bevel to provide sharper ski and snowboard edges for greater edge hold.
Hey, I prefer to point em, but when I need it, I like a 3 Degree side Edge Bevel for kick-ass edge hold on those bullet-proof ski runs.
by The Snow Prophet May 13, 2010
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To quench your first Australian style
To Hunt a Aligator Australian style
To do anything Australian style
Sausage Hunter put the 'Bevel on the Koala'.
by Sausai May 23, 2011
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