one who steals

A thief is anyone who has unrightfully taken what doesnt belong to him/her.

Stealing is done usually in an act of greed and self gain.
Becoming a thief, andrew took the loose bill from the mans jacket.

Not knowing that 20 dollar bill that was in the mans pocket was supposed to last him and his daughter for food until the next welfare check.
by I.R.A. July 10, 2006
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1. The current occupant of the White House.
2. See also Bush, George W.
George W. Bush stole the election, therefore he is a thief.
by jesster79 February 19, 2006
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to steal something while being incredibly stealthy
Elle just thiefed another pencil...what a klepto!
by piratesxcaribbean February 27, 2010
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Someone who uses other people's private property without their permission or them knowing it.
A thief would use a friend's computer to post something from his/her facebook account that s/he won't like.
by KustacMa September 8, 2011
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That guy is a thief.
You thief!!!
There is a theif in the house.
by Y.E.A November 21, 2007
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When a diamond man named skeppy goes to the store with his family to steal thousands of dollars worth of webkinz and an angry muffin man named badboyhalo who stole a store label doesnt remember the name of the stuffies.
That dog named rat is a thief for stealing my muffin mix!
by Honeqi September 13, 2020
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