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An oversized, dangerous and extra-powerful machina in Final Fantasy X-2. It is hidden underground Bevelle, and is said to be able to destroy Sin. It's also the main goal for Shuyin to obtain, for with it, he can get rid of his image of what Spira truly is: a corrupted world of violence. Vegnagun has a mind of its own, can be activated by a magical piano attached to it with a special key melody, and is separated in parts such as Legs, Head and the such.
Vegnagun is one big machina.
by Delf January 05, 2004
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An Extremely large and powerful machine in the game Final Fantasy X-2. Vegnagun is considered to be Bevelle's most powerful "Machina". The machine was designed 1,000 years before the events of Final Fantasy X-2. It was thought to be able to destroy Sin. Vegnagun has a mind of its own and is considered extremely dangerous which is why it was sealed beneath Bevelle. In the game Shuyin sought to control this great weapon.
Vegnagun is composed of a torso, legs, tail,wings, and head. It's entire body slighty resembles that of a moth's, only that it's head is different in shape and has horns on it and it has a long tail at the end of it's body. Once Vegnagun begins to fire it's primary weapon it's lower jaw drops and a long barrel comes forth from within it's torso, looking like the barrel of a giant gun, thus where it gets it's name, Vegnagun.
by Kevin Monroe January 29, 2004
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