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The "praetor" (or leader) of New Yevon in the events of Final Fantasy X-2. He is wise and somewhat mysterious, considering his few appearances. Later, it is found that the unsent Shuyin took over Baralai's body and controlled him up to Vegnagun.
Baralai looks cool. He talks like Sean Connery though.
by Delf January 05, 2004

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A war that took on between Zanarkand and Bevelle, 1000 years ago from the events of FFX/1002 years ago from the events of FFX-2. It was 100% assured that, from the start, Bevelle would've won.

The info on this war is quite...huge. Refer to Maechen in FFX, or to GameFAQs' FAQs and/or Message Boards.
The War of Machina

Never In A Theater Near You
by Delf January 06, 2004

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A sword in the anime "Inuyasha". It is the counter-part of the Tetsusaiga. Although it can't cut, hence deliver any damage, the Tenseiga can heal any wounds, up to revival. Later, Sesshomaru becomes its wielder.
The Tenseiga is Sessho-maru's blade forged by Toto-sai.
by Delf October 13, 2003

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The sequel to a work of fiction (movie, video game, etc.) that unfortunately does not comes up to the original in terms of interest whatsoever.
Devil May Cry 2 is a good example of a weak sequel.

The Matrix Revolutions is one damn weak sequel, man.
by Delf June 03, 2005

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The story of a young man named Takuto, whose life is ruined by an alien monster nicknamed "FRANK", as he killed the one Takuto loved, and severly wounded him. His life changes as well as his identity, which is now "Ryu Soma", who now works on a military service to seek and gain revenge on Frank (which is quite an obsession). However, this task he gave to himself is complicated by a young girl named Hattie Bartholomew, who not only befriends Frank, but ressembles Takuto's lost love.
by Delf June 23, 2003

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The one who claims to be able to obtain the Legion Soul in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, without breaking its four shells. (Lie)
"Never mind, I got it. I didn't have to kill all the shell though I only broke off one piece..."

"No, I'm serious. I got the soul and I didn't have to break all the parts off."
by Delf June 22, 2003

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A TV show that is supposed to be funny.
"Please. Zap. Channel. NOW."
by Delf June 23, 2003

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