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Corey is a nice pleasant guy who likes his basketball. "Hot" is the word that everyone calls him, in fact, he's so hot that Greta Thunberg needs to have a chat with him because he's melting polar ice caps in the north. He looks for a woman who is energetic, strong, hot, smart and takes him as an individual. Every night Corey swipes right on tinder hoping to find the girl of his dream. He is a very distinct person who will commit suicide if a Nick is nearby, even though Nick has very big affections towards him. Corey is all-knowing and all-powerful he withholds the powers of 10,000 suns and galaxies, no one can withstand the power of Corey's wrath or anger. On the social hierarchy of the universe, Corey is flying through the roof of it with Tejas underneath him. Thanks for being such a great Corey. Every girl is calling Corey thicc x 5000 c's these days.
Nick: Why is it so hot, I'm melting
Tejas: Corey must be near
Nick: Wait! I thought Corey was in Istanbul
Tejas: Yeh but he's so hot that we can feel him from here
Nick: God Damn i gotta ride fast
by Daniel5tookenham February 06, 2020

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Jesse is the New Zealander from midland, his hair scares the child rapist away. Jesse originates from the beautiful country of mountains and sheep. Jesse brings a smile to everyone's face when he walks past, probably from his imitating structure. Jesse has to live in New Zealand because it's the only place that will fit his dick longwise, because it's so big.
Guy 1: Have you been to New Zealand
Guy 2: No because all I saw was Jesse's dick
by Daniel5tookenham August 31, 2020

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Mehkai is a very gay child who should currently be in an asylum, he has a small dick, he loves funhause. He is always watching anime, which is resulting in him losing lots of friends. He would make a good match with xeev
Boy 1: Look at that mehkai thinking his cool
Boy 2 : He still hasn't realized he's special
Boy 1: Strange Mehkai
by Daniel5tookenham February 06, 2020

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Kailas is a cool and mature young Indian boy. He is the master of balls which he rivals his brother in. At home, Kailas likes to run in the corner of his brother's room and make chicken noises. His brothers consider him very idiotic and irritating. Kailas loves making friends with teachers and they see him as a friendly, kind and selfless boy. When Kailas has a deck of cards in his hands they are no ways to control his winning streak, if you challenge Kailas to a game of Poker you have to prepare to die. Kailas has a great sense of humour which you will find him attractive for. Everyone is Kailas's friend and you should be thankful that you have a friend like Kailas. But when there is a pot of curry in front of him his true traits reveal themselves. He devours his curry honouring his Indian heritage by using two fingers with only the tip getting dirty. Kailas is just such a great guy
Tejas: My God Kailas stop being annoying
Rest of the world: Shut up Tejas Kailas is truly the best guy that ever lived
Tejas: mmmmmmm
by Daniel5tookenham February 09, 2020

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In 2004 Tejas Pillai the betrayer of Pewdiepie was born. At birth, Tejas was eating fish curry, daal, papadum, and samosa all day long while watching T-series. Many young kids consider Tejas as Gay but he shows equal love to both genders through hugs. Tejas is currently the God of India and all black people. In Pewdiepie's song Bitch lasagne it states "Tejas is nothing but a bitch lasagne" this shows t series is shit to the god of all whites Pewdiepie. To sum Tejas all up in one word it is 'simple but complex'
Kohli: I invented a new Curry
Pujara: What are you going to call it
Kohli: Tejas Pillai after our God
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by Daniel5tookenham June 03, 2020

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Nick is a real retarded guy, who takes gay marriage seriously. Nick loves to have fun with bikes and on bikes. If you find a thicc and hot bike rider, either gender, Nick will claim him/her for his own. Nicholas finds his contentment in irritating and touching others. If you hear a loud Moaning in the area, that is probably Nick and I recommend running in the other direction. He spends his night binging love island, only to get a bit Frisky when the guys come on.
Nicks shaved legs look like Kendall Jenner's toes
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by Daniel5tookenham February 06, 2020

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Ben is a slay queen. Ben is a total beast at gaming and that beast is also released in the bed. Ben is a great guy to be around, with a perfect sense of humour. His hair is like a shaggy mountain goat on a snowy mountain. His ears are lavished upon Corey's tongue. Ben is just the bogan you always wanted
Tejas: Corey was that a sick game last night or what
Corey: Nah ben ruined it all
Tejas: What are you talking about, Benjamin is the goat

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