meaning going to pick a random woman up that you will have sex with by the end of the night.
friend (so u going to find a date for tonight)
you (yep and im gonna go right for the gusto with who ever i find)
by Bryan Ciaccia August 6, 2008
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Someone who makes a statement and doesn't know how to spell "possibly".

Basically what happened during Order 66 in Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge Of The Sith.
When something is so wrong that nothing could aquatically happen that is good.
The opposite of "What could possbily go wrong"?
literally my god damn life

what can possbily go right
by e2w2q2 January 10, 2017
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To get upset or angry. To fly into a rage. To get pissed off.

Origin: To go high and right like a foul ball. In baseball a foul ball often flies high and to the right across the first base line into foul territory after being hit wrong by the batter.
When Linda sees the way the meeting minutes are worded she's going to go high and right.

It is easy to make Chuck go high and right before he's had his morning coffee.

Adolf Hitler frequently would go high and right when presented with bad news from the front.
by Vercingetorix_Redux August 18, 2010
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when you think you are helping a friend that is far behind you in a game called "stumble guys" but he actually took advantage of that information and arrived before you thank fuck
by chunghwa May 8, 2023
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