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A Corey is the type of person who can always make you laugh but yet make you wonder why you're even laughing. Coreys are males who are amazingly smart and attractive but not cocky about it. Corey is a guy you can just stand near and be insanely happy because you're close to him. Coreys are also great friends and lovers :) Coreys know no limits and live life to the fullest. Coreys put God first. A Corey is the upmost amazing guy put on earth. So sweet, kind, funny, smart, hot, trustworthy, honest, and genuine person. Anyone who has a Corey in their life are so lucky and better never let them go. Oh they are also great kissers and have a freaking hot body! Coreys are not fighters but they will fight for what they love.
Girl 1: Gosh I had the best time last night on my date! He was God's gift to earth

Girl 2: let me guess, you got a Corey?

corey amazing sweet lover friendly
by krenee94 July 06, 2012
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a very sweet and honest guy. Some one you can talk to all day. He is some one you wont be able to get out of your head because he just seems like a perfect guy. probably to most realest dude you'll ever meet and when he says he's into you he means it.He will have no problem in waiting for you, treats his girl right and can always put a smile on your face and he knows it every time. Very cute, sexy and attractive both physically and mentally very funny and always has something to talk about. Every time you hug him you let go too fast because deep down you know if you hold on any longer you wont want to let go. Even though all this is true about him you might not want to let him know but you know inside he is. very dependable and excessively caring and its all a good thing....most likely to be a stalker. He is the best boyfriend you'll ever have so if you ever get a Corey dont let him go......I know i wont:-)
Corey is kind and shy
by Sharongirllyyyy September 08, 2013
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Corey's are great people. They can be shy sometimes but once given the opportunity to express themselves, they will. They are easy to fall in love with and hard to get over but once you have a Corey, never let them go. Corey's are cute and smart but never rub it in and instead congratulate others that do well.
Omg. I met a guy today and he is sooo a Corey!
by RandomReviews11 December 16, 2018
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A complete try hard at everything he comes across, especially Call of duty.
Corey is a tryhard at everything.
by SecretHen101 October 03, 2016
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A guy that you can always trust with anything. He's smart, funny and athletic and someone you can always talk to if something is wrong. Corey is usually very sensitive though, never get on his bad side or opposite side of an argument because he will either make you look like a complete idiot or make you feel like crap. They are usually loud and like to get their point across, but they are also very unique. Wearing odd assortments of clothes is a habit of theirs. But they all the while don't care what other people think. If you're lucky enough to date one, keep him and don't let him go; You won't meet anyone else like him ever again.
Sarah: Have you seen Corey lately?
Abigale: Oh yeah, the adorable one over there?
by AriZein April 18, 2013
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Corey is daddy asf; sexy asf; loyal asfπŸ‘…πŸ’¦
Corey is perfect
by 123Lynn May 31, 2016
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Corey is the best person ever in the whole entire world! He's sweet, cute, and funny. He's a great Hooper and is going places in life! If your in a bad mood he can make you smile in an instant. He can sing really good too lol. But yeah he's just the best person ever!!!β™₯
by mlb0818 January 17, 2014
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