spelled with two t's unlike its dirtier counterpart, this word simply means to have a weird or uncommon obsession with something. It can be something you do, or something you like, but it has NO sexual connotation. It just means that you like whatever it is A LOT.
One can have any number of fettishes, such as:

a cheese fettish, a pink fettish, or even a Facebook fettish.
by NOTaninnuendo March 1, 2011
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an obssession; a certain liking towards.
she has a fettish for men with fauxhawks.
by srahrah February 25, 2008
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The crazy out-of-control obsession with out-of-control hair! Usually, the upside down bowl, the Helmet Hair, the classic 70s fro, or the definitely-in-need-of-conditioner fro. People who suffer from The Fro Fettish are attracted to anyone who has a fro, and have the crazy urge to get their hands on that piece of hair.
Kat: Not again, Melissa. You need to learn how to control your Fro Fettish; maybe go for guys with buzz cuts
by Kitty1006 September 25, 2010
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someone, usually male, that only likes asian women.
I walked through hollywood and saw several dozen fools wearing shirts proclaiming their asian fettish. I laughed at them.
by dracula June 17, 2004
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Being sexually attracted to Star Wars characters, especially Princess Leia when she wore the gold bikini in "The Return of the Jedi".
I have a total Boba Fettish for Princess Leia in the gold bikini
by monkeyman1968 September 1, 2012
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Someone who finds skies sexually arousing or, orgasmic
Niall : oh my god look at that sky
Dan/Ben : umm k
Niall: I just want to masturbate I love my sky fettish
by Danexpected November 22, 2012
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Someone with a strong sextual attraction to flats. Comparable, and quite similar to a footfetish
Xavier is well known for having a Flat Fettish.
Xavier loves asking females for pictures of their flats. ( Sometimes even with their feet in the picture)

Xavier becomes sexually aroused when near a sweet pair of flats.

Ooo damn look at those flats, Xavier would love those!
by Xaviertheflatlover May 24, 2020
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