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The day when Skynet, a global defense program, goes active and turns the machines against the human race. John Connor is our only hope. "There is no fate but what we make."
Honey, take the trash out, tomorrows Judgement Day.
by We get pwned February 18, 2005
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An idea held in atleast all 3 abrahamic faiths (Islam, Christianity, & Judaism) whereby every human that ever lived will be raised after death to be judged on account of: what he / she believed, and what he / she did with the talent, time, and circumstances they were given in their mortal existence. Moreover, they will be shown what they had done on earth and, witnesses such as, but not limited to: angels, animals, body parts, the land, and ultimately, God. Witnesses will speak in offense or in favor of the human standing judgement. The outcome will result in Paradise / eternal bliss /Heaven or Hell / Torment / agony based on said criteria..However, some may have to face torment (hell) to purify themselves before entering Heaven like gold has to go through a "tormenting" process to become pure gold. < definition represents an Islamic view
"You had better repent and turn toward the cherisher and sustainer of the universe before judgement day."
by 23(tu-three) November 17, 2005
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The only way the church keep Christians in line, by scaring them about judgement day, which COULD be tomorrow.
Priest: The number of volcanoes are rising! Judgement day must be soon!!!
Scientist: *spouts scientific evidence for rise in volcanoes*
Priest: ... The number of volcanoes are rising! Judgement day must be soon!!!
by thejamdude January 05, 2006
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The end of the world for Christians where the good (believers) rise up to heaven and the bad (and non-believers) end up in hell.
Just face it, the whole Judgement Day thing is bullshit.
by Quzu May 20, 2011
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One of the best game review shows in the world.
Tommy Tallarico and Victor Lucas are very funnt hosts on Judgement Day.
by the eRADEKator November 14, 2003
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