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Having a sturdy muscular physique; robust
A strapping young amishman, that AJ Robinson.
by kellly August 29, 2005
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Possessing noteworthy physical strength. Almost always used to describe a young man, and often preceding the referent, as in "strapping young man."
"Could any of you strapping young men help me move tomorrow?"
by Ima Linguist January 22, 2016
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To wear a concealed weapon attached to your leg or thigh by a strap or strap(s).
I hear that Vlad is strapping for that fight after school today.
by Ypfaction February 16, 2010
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1) Post-coital remains or drippings on sheets, towels, clothing, etc. Gender unspecific term for any of the following: dick cheese, penis snot, pussy loogies, condom smear etc

2) Related to verb: to strap meaning to have sex

3) Related to participle: strapping
Strappings are much harder to hide on blue sheets.

JWZ was using his buddy's apartment and found strappings on the sheets and pillows. As payback he left an upper decker.
by Bellows Falls January 23, 2010
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a word esque-ing of the past, but, regardless, a very organic word for one that appears attractive to the eye.
trang: he's so strapping.
kevin: go conquest him, trang.
by l in dai sy March 31, 2009
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To wear a strap on dildo under your street clothes.
The bulge in her pants advertsed to all that the sexy bold dyke was strapping and ready for action.
by gaycowgrrl June 06, 2014
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