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a mythical creature that's female and lures men to their deaths with their beatiful singing voices...props to odysseus ;)
The siren enchanted Tom, then bashed his brains in and ate them.
by if_it_makes_you_happy27 May 23, 2005
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The process of searching a building for an empty bathroom. A successful bowl search typically relieves the frustration of uncomftorably defecating around others, although in less frequent cases the desire to urinate alone is a factor. Bowl searching can be done anywhere although it is most prevelant on college campuses.
"In college I did a lot of bowl searching."

"Sam went to the bathroom like 20 minutes ago. Jeez, what's taking so long?"

"He's probably bowl searching."
by A bowl searcher June 06, 2011
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1. Greek Mythology. one of several sea nymphs, part woman and part bird, who lure mariners to destruction by their seductive singing.

2. a seductively beautiful or charming woman, esp. one who beguiles men.
Captain! We find ourselves in the middle of these vicious swirling seas, yet without recollection of how we arrived! How could it be that we ventured so far off course? Was it the song of sirens perhaps, or of Kelsey?
by rdiecntfail March 10, 2010
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The classic tease. A girl who leads on multiple guys with either her attraction or seductive personality, only to reject every offer sent her way; leaving the guy to grieve over his shortcoming.
I'd watch out bro, shes a siren. You're only going to get hurt
by MacDizzle279 March 21, 2011
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A very attractive female who has many boys drooling over her.
That siren has got every single guy in the damn school!
by Santas Sexy Helper August 01, 2004
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1. What you run away from when you know the feds are after you.

2. A really hot, dime-piece, tempting seductress.
1. Oh shit, drive faster!! I can hear the sirens!

2. Damn, look at that girl! What a siren!
by x_hev'n June 13, 2006
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