when you realize your post thing with get rejected for sure
by baaaaaaa 😽 September 14, 2020
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when someone says something offensive but they think its funny!! this is the apropriate thing to say
Bill: hey jack i fuked your mum last night!! hehehehe

jack: hahahahaha NOOOOOO (twats the fuck outta bill)
by hot angel xx July 17, 2006
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ERR noo, refer to austin powers, sarcastic reply to question:
"Shall we go and see that Britney spears film, ive heard its spiffing?"

"How about nooooooo you crazy dutch bastard!!"
by english as tea and cake April 30, 2004
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When used with confusion or anger
Bye imma leave 😡
Noooooo don't leave😡
by January 11, 2021
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No means not giving consent. If you say yes to someone it means you give consent, like if someone wanted to go to the movies. Duhhh
“I’m not just angry, I’m boiling with rage!! NOOOOOO DAMMIT- what should I do?”
“Count to 10, no duh
by Aveeeeee November 26, 2021
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