When a boy or girl has a girl wrapped up means that they are falling for them straight away and is a fool for them
Boy: you got me wrapped up gal
Girl: ay uno you a fool for me
by Gen Jones February 19, 2016
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I rooted RocknRolla last night!.
did you wrap up?
yeh, i didn't want those std's
by XSpence January 8, 2009
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Time of the year when ponies, unicorn, and pegasus who live in Ponyville work together and literally get rid of Winter and get ready for Spring. Magic is not allowed during this event since Ponyville was founded by Earth ponies who lack magical powers that unicorns possess. Jobs include: Retrieving the animals who went south for the Winter, waking up the animals who went into hibernation for the Winter, clearing the sky of clouds for the sun to warm the lands of Equestria, and plowing the lands for the crops and making sure they have a fair amount of food for the rest of the year.
Applejack: Nuts Twilight, you used magic in Winter Wrap Up! That's not how we do it around here, Twilight, and especially not on my farm!
Also Ghost Radio's favorite brony song of all time!
by BALLER FRIDAY August 28, 2011
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1. Covered in thick, warm clothes.

2. Busy with various events.

3. Statement made after packing is finished.
1. (Angela is warming herself by covering herself with a large thick fur shawl over a huge scarf and a long sleeve dress.) Angela: I’m prepared for the winter. I’m all wrapped up.

2. (Angela is very busy and consulting to her friend Barbara) Angela: Barbara, my dear, I’m so busy. I have to make snacks for my daughter’s soccer meet, help organize my husband’s files and plan my business trip. Barbara: Wow dearie. You’re all wrapped up.

3. Angela: It’s my niece’s birthday. My gifts are all wrapped up.
by Me. Mr, May 31, 2018
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A quick and clean wrap up to any cult crime/medical television show. Tidy-wrap-ups are comprised of dialogue absent scenes in slow motion and feature the music of "Cold Play", "Five for Fighting", "REM" or Gary Jules singing "Mad World". They are a quick way to "wrap-up" an episode without going into any complicated dialogue-rich explanations of what really happened to all the characters in the episode. One of the earliest instances of this technique was it's eloquent usage at the end of the cult classic film "Donnie Darko"-but the tidy-wrap-up was later bastardized due to overuse in popular television dramas.
"Damnit... I started my DVR too late last night and all I got was the tidy-wrap-up."

"Gahh.. this episode of CSI Miami is boring, can't we just skip to the tidy-wrap-up?"

"Christ on a cracker! stop being so dramatic, you're just like a tidy-wrap-up"
by saturnine_nightshade May 17, 2010
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