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The original Native American word for friend. Often thought to be Spanish, but used by the Caddo Indians long before the Spanish arrived. Bastardized by Spanish explorers and became known as the location now known as Texas.
by biffula August 25, 2006
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The coolest nigga alive. Hes dope.

He is the definition of sexy.

Guys look up to him. Hes taking all of your bitches..
Cuff your chick or forever hold your peace.

He also has amazing hair.
Guy 1: Yo, how you feelin' today?
Guy 2: I'm feeling a bit like Tejas man.

Guy 1: Damn bruh, you feelin' sexy or what?
Guy 2: Hell yeah.
by ContagiousFatAzz September 13, 2014
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Often time the name of an Indian boy which means brightness or halo in Sanskrit. This meaning is often misconstrued in the States because of the heavy Hispanic influence upon the English language. Often, it is thought to be derived from Texas, therefore causing the 'j' in the name to be pronounced like 'hay', i.e. 'tay'has'. In reality, the name should be pronounced like the 'tagious' in the word 'contagious.'
by disneybandz January 21, 2011
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The man, the myth, the street ball legend. Winning with no apparent skill since late 2004, teja aka t-dizzle has become the most well known sandman in the 615. With unstoppable hooks and sicknasty game, teja has set the bar for ballin, on and off the court. A multi-sport athelete, teja has balled up scrubs in debate as well. A true master debator teja has verbally violated many opponents. This is exemplified with his dealings with the various Adam Smith Institutes and the widely, respected scholar Fukiyama Fukizawa. With his romantic sonnets and witty comments, teja’s proweress with the ladies is well documented. Teja was able to obtain prom dates merely by approaching a girl’s doorstep with a store bought cake, and using the infamous tag line “I baked you a cake.” As to why teja will become the next 40 year old virgin still remains one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.
Yo who the hell is that guy ballin outta control? Its teja the biggest mack daddy of them all.
by rwoodbrowntown March 29, 2009
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tejas means birghtness. Bright like Sun light.
missile name
tejas is equivalent to the Sun Light.
Indian are building missile called Tejas
by whats there in name huh... January 07, 2005
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An epic person that will make you feel good in your pants if you see him.
Has a dirty sense of humor- be careful what you say.
Usualy flirts with girls, but if you butt in, things will turn pretty intresting.
Joe- I met teja yesterday now im going out with this hot girl!

stephanie- I felt like droping down and doing it, good thing I only saw him for a second.
by Bobs156 October 31, 2011
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