The one that got away. He is the one person who makes you question everything in your life, yet has no part in it. Though quiet, he tends to make an impression. With his sweet smile, captivating eyes and distinguished voice, he's hard to forget. He is intelligent, witty, often sarcastic and always subtly charming. He is someone who makes you smile at the mere thought of him, yet hasn't the slightest idea of his impact or worth. He often looks down on himself and thinks no one would bother thinking about him, yet he's always on your mind. He sometimes feels like his life is of little value, but those who know him only wish he knew how much he truly means to them. Jordan can sometimes be shy and soft-spoken, but beneath the surface his thoughts hold great depth and authenticity. He is a genuine soul who you'll never want to say goodbye to. Once you meet a Jordan, you'll have a hard time ever letting go.
"Hey, did you meet the new guy?"

"Yeah, his name is Jordan, right?"
by PenjBanxtons May 20, 2023
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Jordan is a beatiful boy usally with dark brown or black hair and brown eyes. When you first meet a Jordan he will seem vary standoffish. But once you get to know him you will see he is a kind and loving person who is very funny and just wants to be loved him self. Once you see a Jordan you can't help but smile. Jordan's are also very attractive and stylish
Wow who's that guy over their?

Ohh that a Jordan
by Jordan Lover March 16, 2013
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A boy unlike any other. One you can truly see yourself being with for the rest of your life. He is the boy you'd die for. You look at him, and your heart will just.. melt. Everything you thought you knew about 'love' changes into something you never could have imagined because of this boy. Once you were broken, and now you are fixed. You can almost feel the emotion in his texts, you can HEAR the truth in his words, you can listen to the rhythmic sounds of love in every single one of his heart beats. You'll want to marry this boy. I promise you. His smile could make the strongest of hearts melt. His laugh could give you so many butterflies that they'll fill your entire stomach and send them flying out of your toes. You'll instantly fall in love with him. Nothing else matters but him. Your head is filled with thoughts of him. Everything reminds you of him. A minute feels like a lifetime with him not around. The memories with a Jordan could pierce the soul. You could never bring yourself to leave him. Never. No matter what he did, when you know that you're all his.. it doesn't ever matter. You spend days with him, and when he leaves, it feels as though it's been 5 minutes. You feel like, in order to feel whole, you need to be around him. To see those amazing eyes and have him hold you in his arms. You love him. You love him always.. Having a Jordan in your life is not always a privilege, but the one i have is surely #1, and i never want to lose my Jordan.
Me: Having Jordan Kresen in my life is an absolute blessing!
The rest of the world: totes.
by el0ra November 18, 2012
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A Jordan is absolutely fantastic. She never is boring and is constantly interesting. She is sweet but has an amazing sexy side to her. A Jordan is usually beautiful. Her beauty is indescribable and it should never be described as using "hot." A Jordan is so kind and loving she deserves just as much respect. A Jordan needs the attention and affection that she deserves. Also, she doesn't take things too fast, so don't go too far with her or else you will regret it. A Jordan also usually has an amazing smile. The smile is so cute it's almost serial. And what is there to say about the eyes and hair!? A Jordan's eyes are so attractive and cute. A person could stare into them and just get lost. A Jordan's hair isn't any less amazing. It flows out so naturally, it is so stunning. No matter how she has it; curly, straight etc., she looks beautiful. You could stay with her for the longest time and do nothing and you would never be bored because just being in her presence and being with a Jordan is good enough. But it's not all about looks. A Jordan usually has a great personality. Her laugh is different but so sweet and cute. She is talented in so many ways and she is probably very smart. You couldn't ask for a more perfect girl.
Dude she's hot!
No man, she's a Jordan, she's beautiful.
by NaAhH G!! January 5, 2011
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A man with a massive penis. So massive that it makes Hulk Hogans arms look like tic tacs.
Girl: Bob has a Jordan and I like to ride it all night long
by SOB72 May 6, 2017
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Jordan is a pretty hot guy he just doesnt know it. He isnt scared to tell you what he thinks. If your his best friend you finna be tight. If you his girl then you lucky you needa hold on bc he will treat you amazing. Hes funny and wild. He can be unpredictable. Once you meet him you might fall in love.. Hold onto him or you will regret.
by Dead._.inside November 17, 2017
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Jordan is an amazing guy. He is funny, understanding, aggressive, honest, unforgettable. loyal, etc. Jordan might seem a little standoffish, but once you get to know him you will see he is a kind and loving person who is very funny and just wants to be there for you.He's had a rough past, lost loved ones, and gone through things a teenage boy should never have to experience. His fidelity might be swayed at times, but he knows when he's done wrong, and he'll make it right.
by Teen-Wolf-13 July 24, 2018
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