The act of looking something up on the internet.
"Miss, can't I just search it up on my phone?"
by rizzlejones October 19, 2014
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The fact that you idiots took a damm to search this into urban dictionary
If you searched this up...
by DaSuperCoconut June 3, 2019
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you searched this up. this means.. basically nothing, why not just leave and search up somethin’ else, okay? now bye jimmy john.
“you searched this up.”
by AirbearTNT. January 29, 2021
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Person1: i searched this up
Person2: hell yah lets party
by Theguywhosaysthings March 17, 2021
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To search for something online. To research. See also Look Up
I'm going to search up the answer to that question on google.
by DrKickass July 15, 2019
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You are clearly bored and don't know what to search so I put this just to say I defined this first BTW why the fuck are you reading this? And why am i searching this up?
by Nobody reads this May 10, 2018
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