A girl with a big heart who has a sense of humor
A girl that's pretty but doesn't know it someone that
Some one who is kind,funny,fun loving,and crazy
Your lucky that she is a gabby
Wow look at her she's a gabby
by understood12 February 8, 2013
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This girl is one of a kind and can be very random or awkward at times. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get to know her! Gabby's have a specific type of guy they are into and when they find someone they like, they do whatever they can to either make that guy notice her or she will just stalk him on the internet. She can get along with anyone but might still have a few people she may or may not like, only her closest of friends know who she doesn't like, though. Very intelligent and is known for being funny and rocking sweatpants and a hoodie. Or maybe she is just known for the one who always has gum or something else crammed in her mouth. She was the one with the cool parents. She has a small but really fun house and has really fun parties. Normally pretty tall and extremly pretty but usually thinks she's not good enough.
What is that girls name? I gotta talk to her bro...

Her name is Gabby, she's perfect for you.
by G.Marie April 20, 2016
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Prettty, nice, sweet, and funny.
People are mean to her because they want to be like her. She is the best person in the world. Makes people smile .
Gabby is so nice , I want to be just like her!!!
by Anderson sports February 21, 2017
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She's self conscious about herself at times. She's an amazing athlete and has boys lined up for her. She's really pretty but thinks she's not. She's friends with the guys and the girls and has tons of inside jokes. She has THE MOST blonde moments ever. Classy not trashy. She's short but acts like she's 8 feet tall. the most sarcastic person ever. But she's a great friend and she's always there for you. she is the most awesome person you'll ever meet.
"You're the coolest ever"
gabby- "def"
"hey i love twilight. best movie ever"
gabby- "i didn't ask"
"hey i got a new phone!!"
gabby- "awesome?"
by freshasamofo November 25, 2011
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Gabby is the best friend who's always there for you. Sometimes clingy but will stick up for you. She's always on your side no matter what.
Lily: Is that the new girl?
Nora: Yeah, do you think shes a Gabby?
by shottygotlow February 28, 2013
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Gabby is a high distinguished girl. One might say she has the boys wrapped up round her finger. She is a siren, pulls in the men by her dashing looks however she can't attack them. Her sympathy keeps her at bay, to emotionally bring pain to boys tears her to pieces. She contains high intellectual properties and when choose can became incredibly diligent. Her love life is so eventful that you can make a tv series from it. And this come to such a great extent that she signed a contract off with Netflix on a series called the New Girl in Town.
Tejas: Oh gabby my love for you is boundless as the sea
*As tejas looks upon gabby's proposed dead body*
Tejas: And with this kiss I die
*Tejas lays his lips upon gabby then grabs the dagger to end his life by the neck, his body flops on gabby*
*Gabby wakes up*
Gabby: Tejas my love, my life, how thy do such damage with your death. I can't comprehend what my life would be without you by my side in bed. DID MY HEART LOVE TO NOW
*Gabby grabs tejas's knife and inserts it into her chest, then dies*
*Emmett walks in*
by Daniel5tookenham May 6, 2021
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She's everything a guy wants in a girl. She's the girl you will take home and introduce her to your parents, because of her sweetness, intelligence, and her very beauty. She's also the girl you show off to your friends, because of her sexiness, laid back personality, and her super hot ass that will always turn you on. But her inner sexiness is always saved for the guy she's dating. If you have one, don't let her go.
You: Hey mom and dad, this is my girlfriend Gabby.

Parents: wow, shes lovely

You: guys check out my girlfriend Gabby.

Girls: she's so pretty i wish i could be like her

Guy friends: Shes sexy, I wish i could have her, look at that ass it is HOT.

Me: i would so tap that
by theclashfan March 24, 2013
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