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Really sarcastic and annoying,

yet funny and thoughtful.
Will kick the shit out of you if he feels like it.
Fuckboi:- "hey de-
Declan: "fuck off"
Fuckboii: ...
by Not_Declan October 07, 2015
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The name Declan means a boy who is athletic in all aspects of sport. He has the brain smarts of of a genius and the looks of a God. Declan also means someone who is a leader and always puts others before himself.
Declan a true leader
by slayer12345 August 30, 2015
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The sweetest most amazing guy I have ever met, completely breathe taking. Honest and pure and very respectful. Has a great sense of humour and never tries too hard is true to who he is. Declan is one of a kind and someone who will always make you smile no matter what.
The type of guy who will pull out your chair. Declan is epic!
by rugbygirl September 15, 2012
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A very sporty guy who is usually very tall and attractive. Usually mixed nationalities and love hanging out with his friends. Declan is very outgoing to his friends but is shy to unfamiliar people. He is not at all self- conscious and loves helping other people.
by Becky123345456782 September 18, 2013
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AKA the hulk and all the girls want to be with him. everyone is scared of him because of how buff he is, but when you get to now him he is pretty sweet.
person 1: look at declans muscles you can see them 20 km away.
person 2: mine are bigger
person1: in your dreams bud
person 2: they are

person 1: what ever makes you sleep at night bud
by big man 14 14 October 21, 2014
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