Either girls love him or hate him they don’t know which one to choose because they all like him some way or another
by Declan.m October 24, 2018
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He is a really thoughtful person who cares about everyone. He is strong physical and mentally. He will never let his friend down. He is very loyal and will hurt you if he sees you being mean to one of his friends. Even though he can be annoying sometimes he is a fun person to hang out with and is smart and has ALOT of ideas
Declan is the best
by Sickskier October 26, 2019
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The sweetest most amazing guy I have ever met, completely breathe taking. Honest and pure and very respectful. Has a great sense of humour and never tries too hard is true to who he is. Declan is one of a kind and someone who will always make you smile no matter what.
The type of guy who will pull out your chair. Declan is epic!
by rugbygirl September 15, 2012
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Really funny, probably one of the best boyfriends any girl could ever have. Beautiful, yet very intelligent and obedient. Yet, he may beat the shit out of you if you make fun of him, or his friends.
Shithead: Ima beat yo...
Declan: Fuck off.

Shithead: ...
by Lilnerdo556 July 8, 2019
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A loveable boy. Quiet and rather shy, but once you get to know him... you won’t regret it. He may be sensitive at times, but he has a big heart for the people he loves. Although with problems of his own, he tries his best to not let them show, often times worrying his friends. A compassionate human being, who cares deeply. Has many different sides to him that not anyone can get to see, only reserved for those he trusts.
Declan is such an amazing guy.
by Someoneyouknow0283 July 9, 2020
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Declan is a super amazing guy. Super funny, sweet, caring, and overall perfect. The best boyfriend a girl could ask for. A little awkward in the most adorable way ever.
She found a Declan?! I’m so jealous
by Sandcassle July 25, 2018
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a person who has a brilliant personality and full of confidence. Absolutely gorgeous and more than likely someone who is definitely perfect and amazing.
"Random" - Hi, what's your name?
"Declan" - Declan ... ?
"Random" - You are really hot..
"Declan" - Yeah so a few have said!
by girl2812 June 26, 2009
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