He is a really thoughtful person who cares about everyone. He is strong physical and mentally. He will never let his friend down. He is very loyal and will hurt you if he sees you being mean to one of his friends. Even though he can be annoying sometimes he is a fun person to hang out with and is smart and has ALOT of ideas
Declan is the best
by Sickskier October 26, 2019
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Either girls love him or hate him they don’t know which one to choose because they all like him some way or another
by Declan.m October 24, 2018
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The sweetest most amazing guy I have ever met, completely breathe taking. Honest and pure and very respectful. Has a great sense of humour and never tries too hard is true to who he is. Declan is one of a kind and someone who will always make you smile no matter what.
The type of guy who will pull out your chair. Declan is epic!
by rugbygirl September 15, 2012
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Really funny, probably one of the best boyfriends any girl could ever have. Beautiful, yet very intelligent and obedient. Yet, he may beat the shit out of you if you make fun of him, or his friends.
Shithead: Ima beat yo...
Declan: Fuck off.

Shithead: ...
by Lilnerdo556 July 8, 2019
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Declan is a super amazing guy. Super funny, sweet, caring, and overall perfect. The best boyfriend a girl could ask for. A little awkward in the most adorable way ever.
She found a Declan?! I’m so jealous
by Sandcassle July 25, 2018
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Girl crazy Stacy Declan is the one for women. He pursues them in an endless chase fuelled with passion but all he meets at the end is message sending on his snap. Declan doesn't like burgers, he doesn't like bread, he doesnt like mayonnaise, at this point he is a disappointment but his deep lust for chicken cannot be overpowered. Speaking of lust, Declan experiences an odd fettish with ceiling, he cannot get enough of them, when he lies at bed at night and looks up he cannot stop jacking off, in turn this led to his parents nailing his bed to the ceiling and strapping him in with large leather belts. However, the aroma of the ceiling can put Declan in a thirsty craze, multiple international news broadcasting companies have made short documentaries of him to find the source of this addiction but to no avail. Declan has always lived in the shadow of his brother not able to overcome his greatness, Declan only wishes the brother wasn't born. Declan however has an amazing taste in music and on his judgement day, Jesus will hop onto Declan's Spotify, shuffle his playlist and then with a grin on his face, he will say "Declan your sins are justified, you may enter". Until then he will own a tackle shop in exmouth, fishing for the bait each morning.
Corey: Declan I can't wait this sleepover is going to be awesome
Declan: Gosh Corey me too
*5 hours later Corey and Declan go to bed, as Corey is lying in bed he hears a muffled repetitive sound*
Corey: Declan do you hear that? What is that sound?
*Corey looks down at Declan in his sleeping bag beside his bed, Declan is in his underwear, his hand moves up and down on a long stick like object rising from his underwear, his eyes bloodshocked staring intensely at the ceiling*
*Declan does not break eye contact with the roof*
*SMASH, Declan doesnt not break eye contact with the ceiling*
*The bedroom window is broken a man that corey knows as Xeev enters in with a knife and stabs corey repeatedly, Declan does not break eye contact with the ceiling*
Corey: DEc..cough LANNN, get the FUc.....*Corey dies after a stab to the heart*

*Declan does not break eye contact with the roof*

*Xeev descends from Corey's limbless body and inserts his knife into Declan's heart, Declan does not break eye contact with the ceiling*
Xeev: WHAT THE FUCK how is he not dead *Xeev repeatedly brings his knife in and out of Declan's heart and then his head, Declan does not break eye contact with the ceiling*
Declan - AHHHHHHHHHH *Declan reaches climax, as he does so he dies instantly, although dead his eyes yet still open not breaking eye contact with the ceiling, cum covers Xeev's face*
by Daniel5tookenham February 24, 2022
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A loveable boy. Quiet and rather shy, but once you get to know him... you won’t regret it. He may be sensitive at times, but he has a big heart for the people he loves. Although with problems of his own, he tries his best to not let them show, often times worrying his friends. A compassionate human being, who cares deeply. Has many different sides to him that not anyone can get to see, only reserved for those he trusts.
Declan is such an amazing guy.
by Someoneyouknow0283 July 9, 2020
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