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Jordan is a gamer e boy. He games all night and games all day, and he's really good at it. Jordan lives by the sword and the red bull can. Jordan is a friendly and humorous guy. Jordan likes to show of his gamer moves in the bed that's why he's called the EA payoff, meaning extra ass. Jordan is a tall fellow meaning he can reach places that no one else can (if u know what I mean). In conclusion Jordan is a Slay queen sipping red bull watching the basketball and Faze vs Liquid CSGO match at the same time
Tejas: Jordan's such a gamer
Corey: Wait till to feel his feet
Tejas: Can't wait until that moment

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Tom is a king. Tom is very humble and noble and should be awarded for his bravery and his just. He may be pushed against his willpower by peasant like Jaxson but still King tom still prevails with flying flags. Tom has recruited a great army consisting of Finnish, English, American, Italian and English people. If anyone lies a hand on Tom the army will rise up and beat that offender into the ground, and the will face serious ruptured pancreas and kidney stones. Tom is admired by his intelligence, he finds his happy place in English with no competition for first in the class. Tom is a great man and everyone should keep their Tom safe
Trumpets blare
Tejas: All Hail, Noble King tom
Corey: We shall all bow down to him

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