Someone who is a pleasure to be with. They make interesting conversation, plan enjoyable excursions and are somewhat unpredictable, but that's all part of their charm. The Fungi is typically a thirty year old underachiever. They drink moderately and frequently, but rarely get drunk. When they do get drunk, however, it's hard to tell, because they're always very amiable. They are sweet drunks; gentle and amiable by nature. They live by themselves, but they keep in touch with people and don't become isolated from the world. All in all, I wish there were more Fungies in the world.
Jonathan: "Timothy is a real Fungi, don't you think?"

JoAnn: "I certainly do. He told the most hilarious joke the other day, but I blush just thinking about it." <blush>

Jonathan: "I can well imagine. He could be a comedian."

JoAnn: "I don't think so. He's a Fungi, but he doesn't have the drive to do anything ambitious like that."

Jonathan: "You're probably right. In all likelihood he'll work at the TurkeyJurkey the rest of his life and die friendless and alone."

JoAnn: "I'm sad now." *sob* "I get so sad thinking about the future."

Jonathan: "I'm getting hungry. would you like to grab a bite to eat?"

JoAnn: "Okay, maybe it will cheer me up. I feel so sad." *sob*

(They go to lunch)
by Adam Sampler August 17, 2005
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A lifeform that behaves like both a plant and animal. It reproduces asexually using spores, or seed-like cells. When the spores germinate, they expand and consume whatever food source is on hand, be it living or dead. When the living mass is ready to reproduce, it sprouts spore-containing structures.
Mushrooms and toadstools are examples of fungi.

Yeast, Athlete's Foot, and ringworm are also fungi.
by AYB March 19, 2003
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"thats so fungi, i luv it"
by BaharG March 18, 2007
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Shrooms, they are grown in cow shit and people chew them up for a high like no other.
by T.O.D.D April 21, 2005
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oh snap! I just solo'd a HG with my new fungi
by Jim November 2, 2003
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A Caribbean dish, made of cornmeal and okra. Usually eaten with fish.
I going to have some fish and fungi for dinner.
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
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