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A psychoactive alkaloid that occurs naturally in peyote and other species of cacti. Chemically "3,4,5-trimethoxy-phenethylamine ". A psychedelic drug. Many people compare it to LSD and psilocybin (shrooms) but it is a unique drug, with effects that are similar, but not identical to the aforementioned substances---

---In short, effects are open and closed eye visuals, a euphoria similar to the high of MDMA but less intense and more pensive and analytical, a pleasant body buzz, increased energy, color enhancement, VERY heightened sense of humor (like smoking alot of strong sativa weed), and a sense of peace and unity with nature---

---Usually found in one of 3 varieties---

1) Extracted mescaline--- Looks like pale greenish-gold powder. Produced from cacti. Effects differ from pure mescaline due to presence of other alkaloids which alter the trip. Obtained from trustafarians, neo-hippies/psychonauts, and some rainbow family/legit hippies.

2)Poorly-synthesized mescaline--- Usually yellow or orange crystals. Trip can range from good to bad to just plain weird. Impurities from manufacture affect the trip. Obtained from connected hippies.

3) Properly-synthesized mescaline. The GOOD stuff. Purified mescaline in salt form. Snow-white needles, weird taste. AWESOME trip, probably my favorite out of the traditional four psychedelics (LSD,psilo,DMT, mescaline).
Obtained from Euro chemists. Hard to get and pricey but worth it.
by Buddha420 December 24, 2005
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A psychedelic of the phenethylamine family which occurs naturally in certain cactuses. Contrary to popular belief it is very seldom found in pure chemical form due to the production difficulties and costs. In the hands of the open-minded and intelligent people it can be a great instrument for the exploration of the psyche.
The chemical name for mescaline is 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine
by Grim January 08, 2005
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An alkaloid drug, C11H17NO3, obtained from mescal buttons, which produces hallucinations. Also called peyote.
Mescaline: It's the only way to fly...
by Adict June 11, 2003
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1. The scientific word for peyote, a cactus native to Mexico and the southwest United States, that has tubercles(mescal buttons) that can be chewed as a powerful hallucigenic drug. Originally used by some Native Americans in rituals. Also called peyote.
Mescaline is used in Native American religions to this day.
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A hallucinogen taken from the root of the San Pedro cactus. It is boiled, sliced, then dried out. It can be put in the mouth directly or put in a drink and left to dilute. The effects can last up to 24 hours and the taker can expect hallucinations much like LSD, Magic Mushrooms but worse and for longer. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!
The person took the mescaline and received the hallucinogenic affects...
by El Wezzo April 05, 2009
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