A bad ass bitch ... that won't stop at nothing !! If she wants it ... she WILL get it.

Born winner. Is the envy of everyone. Clever ... devious and can destroy you in seconds.
Don't fuck with a wilko

Omg I want to party with wilko
by Anon21336 April 22, 2017
Wilko (Dirived from the name of the England Rugby star Jonny Wilkinson) Is a term used for taking a poo. This is because of the stance he takes when he is about to kick the ball, hands grasped legs slightly bent like hes forcing out a fat one.
Courgh someones layed a stonken Wilko in the bog!

Or. I'm off for a wilko, think it was that Rojan Josh!!
by toplad2012 May 14, 2012
Term for a girl who is a complete, lying, cheating, devious, douche-bag who should never be trusted. Wilko's normally run in packs for immoral support and can be found throughout the world but seem to be most concentrated in Australia around the Gold Coast. Should you find yourself in the company of Wilko's rejoice but beware. You will without a doubt get laid especially if the Wilko is currently involved in a relationship but tread lightly and don't fall into their web of cuntly mind fucking. Wilko's are especially prime candidates for donkey punching, rodeo fucking and my favorite filming without consent(who am I kidding they'll consent).
Look at those moles, full Wilkos ,kick em straight in the cunt!

No way bro don't date that chick!!! She's queen of the Wilko's
by Mole Slayer April 2, 2011
Term coined for a bogan male. Normally sporting an untrendy haircut, drinking bundy rum and driving a ute.
Brooke: Oh my god Hydro! Look at that bloke! He's such a yobbo!
Hydro: He's worse than that! He's a Wilko!
by Shaun W October 4, 2007
A repeated banshee like cry made by a young scallywag after he skeets a super-human distance onto the very accomodating body of his skeezer, or preferably into her eyes, which elicits a similar banshee-like cry from her, terrorising all other occupants of the domicile. An especially talented scallywag would the use this opportunity to complete a gorilla mask. Not to be confused with a loaded fist.
Lex(frightened by ruckus enters Chris's room): What the fuck, Chris??
Chris: Look man, I got her from here.
Skank: Mmmmm, delicious!
by eldog_brisbane March 6, 2008
The position adopted when needing to pass solids but confronted with a fetid, overflowing and/or urine soaked toilet.

Derived from and identical to the stance of England rugby player Jonny Wilkinson before he takes a conversion/penalty, as in "to do a Wilko"

Commonly used in festival toilets, workman’s portaloos and developing countries.
"Horrid bangers and mash forced me to do a Wilko"

"Toilet seat soaked in piss? Time for Wilko!"

Wife - "How many times have I told you to put the seat up before you tinkle?"
Husband - "Don't worry darling, just do a Wilko"
by Pikmix February 27, 2007