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One who has a fiery temper and no tolerance for BS
Who also keeps their emotions inside until needed then its a nuclear explosion.
A good friend but will insult you if he feels like it.
person one: "Here comes Andy."
person two: "Huh?"
Andy (to person two): "Derp"
by POW April 19, 2012
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You know that feeling when you're driving fast with the top down and the wind is blowing through your hair, you've got your favorite tunes on, the sun is shining bright trying to penetrate your shades, and you smell the ocean closeby?......that feeling of supreme bliss is called nothing other than, Andy. He's the moon and the stars....he's fresh cut grass on spring mornings...his voice rings true like waves crashing upon the beach..He's got a sparkle in his eye...Devistatingly handsome...He's simply the best of everything you can imagine. He's a dudes dude and a ladies man ~ everyone loves him. When he looks at you feel like you can hardly might even forget your own name. When he's far you feel like there's a hole in your chest.....but when you REALLY stop to think about it, you SMILE HUGE because he's the sun, brightening everything in your path and making way for happy days ahead! Best Hugs EVER???? You'll find them with an Andy.
You'll NEVER be anything like an Andy, but Nice try!!

Andy would never let that drink go to waste!!
by AYank January 04, 2012
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andy is the hottest guy to walk this earth, no joke. he so sweet and kind and never lets you down! no matter what you will always love him because he makes you smile through the hardest of times and does stupid things and he really couldn't care what people think as long as he is making you smile. life wouldn't be right without andy, he is so fucking gorgeous, sexy, fun, bangable and the one person you can tryst with your life. always love andywith your heart and soul.
by shizzaym123 August 19, 2011
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An Andy is a boy who is very self conscience about his hair. He is funny but most of his jokes only appeal to a few people. He always tries to match but never quite knew about style. Andy likes to talk to girls but he never let anyone know about any relationships. He has big feet and never really matured.
Way to be so andy about your hair
by Auayayayayayay March 10, 2015
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Probably the nicest guy you've ever met. He's caring and worries about you all the time. His hair is perfect as well as his body and knows how to satisfy a women's needs in bed! He knows how to make you laugh and is very goofy and funny with his sarcasm. You guys share almost all the ssme interests. He's loyal and sweet and you should never play with his heart! Never lose him.
"I'm gonna work with Nasa"
"How much do you know?"
"There are like 7 star in space"
"Wow. Amazing. Astonighing."

"Andy would totally say something like that."
by Majestic Aurora October 06, 2015
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a man who's amazing in bed, great hair, and a smile that makes you melt. he's amazing all around.
theres never been anyone better then Andy
by the dumbest girl August 25, 2008
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Excessively endowed. Originally derived from the Greek, "Andreas", meaning manly.
"Word is, he's andy."
by Andypandy April 20, 2006
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