A sex god usually has the name of Kian, Finn, Mark, Or John. they can usually have a dick size of around 15 inches and are very very very very good in bed.
by Friendly Neighborhood Nigga February 20, 2017
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One who is not only great in bed, they are great in the kitchen, in the car, in a park, a church parking lot, my parents' bed, the courthouse bathroom, everywhere.
I couldn't keep my mouth off of Sean Phillips dick, every orifice of my body aches for that sex god.
by jcbutts78 February 2, 2010
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Fulfills every possible sexual need that a woman could ever desire with a minuscule amount of effort. There is no age limit on the level of Sex God. One can only decide he himself as a sex god when his shoe size has reached 13 and he is truly a master of sexy time.
Kyle made me scream in orgasmic fury last night, I'm still shaking in complete aw. He is truly one crazy ass sex god.
by Sex goddess11111 June 3, 2010
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An unbelievably irresistible man that is impossible to keep your panties up around.
Andrew is such a sex god. I start gushing like a waterfall whenever he is in my presence.
by JjBinks9020 August 29, 2018
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a term used for an extremely undeniably irresistably hot male. in which the terms; hot, sexy, fine, ect... which do not nearly sifficiantly describe is sex appeal.
by p!aybuNNi March 7, 2005
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A man with extra abilities to make you moan and scream in bed. He knows what hes doing and does it very well effortlessly. He'll make you tremble in places you never knew you could. He'll leave a lasting impression for a lifetime.
Kyle is my Sex God sent from Heaven, he sure knows what to do in bed and is the only one who makes me scream!
by HazelQT July 5, 2019
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A cute, or very attractive male who gets the attention of all the females around, simply by having good looks without trying to do so.
"Look at the cute guy over there, he is such a sex-god!"
by Leah Marie September 28, 2006
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