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Liquid + Dinner. An evening meal consisting entirely of beer or other alcohol. A non-alcoholic liquid dinner is pretty much just fasting.
Eunice got a little punchy last night after her liquidinner. Next time, let's grab food with her before we tap the keg.
by Badwig November 17, 2021
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The female equivalent of blue balls. When a woman is aroused to a point where stopping the sexual stimulation becomes highly frustrating and/or physically uncomfortable.
Don't stop in the middle of getting your lady off, or she'll get bluterus and resent your dumb ass.
by Badwig February 11, 2017
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Plural form of the Oculus VR headset.
We had to buy spare Oculi for the virtual reality convention because they have hardware issues with heavy use.
by Badwig April 14, 2017
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The state of drunkenness that ensues when you drink the entire contents of a hotel room minibar. Coined by comedian Artie Lange
Todd drank all the mini bottles of Drambuie and Wild Turkey 101, then barricaded himself

in his room at the Truncated Stay America to sleep off his Noah's Ark drunk.
by Badwig March 12, 2022
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Any corrupt religious figure or individual who manipulates/extorts the followers of a particular religion, primarily for the purpose of achieving financial gain.
by Badwig November 17, 2007
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A pop/rock star that is manufactured and pumped out as if from a xerox machine, i.e. Ashlee Simpson, Aaron Carter, or any American Idol. They are highly replaceable and seemingly identical to the others before them, hence the term 'xerox'.
That Xerox Star Ashlee Simpson can't even perform live without a machine singing for her. She's also mildly retarded.
by Badwig June 7, 2005
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Death by Shamu, the famous killer whale at Sea World.
A trainer was Shamurdered by one of the whales at Orlando's Sea World in February of 2010, prompting the San Diego location to temporarily cancel their Shamu show.
by Badwig February 25, 2010
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