The first man to become president without winning an election.
The govenor of Florida is his brother, the CEO of a ballot counting operation that counts almost 80% of the ballots was his campaign organizer, 91,000 eligible black democrat-favoring voters from Florida were not allowed to vote.
by the smart one March 11, 2005
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The current President of The United States of America, most people refer to him as a "Jackass", or they just laugh at the thought of his name. Mr. Bush he is, what some people like to call, Meantally Challanged.
President George W. Bush is a Freaking Moron!!!!!!!
by Connor McC. April 12, 2006
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Lord, people who don't respect their leaders should be the ones with war on the hands.
"George sure solved that Saddam issue, i don't see any of you doing that."

Go Bush!

Fuck the Hippies they should all be mowed down in a tank like at Tinaman Square, Fuck You!
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