A beginners overview or tutorial. The basics. Taken from a "101" entry level college course.
I would like to get into basket weaving, but I could really use a 101.
by brownox October 04, 2013
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The number of the torture room in the novel "Nineteen-eighty-four" by George Orwell, which also included "Big Brother". Yes that is where the name of that stupid TV show aimed at fucktards came from.
by sqrrl101 May 31, 2004
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The number 101 you see on the back wall as Morpheus, Neo and Trinity exit the lift to pay the Merovingian a visit in The Matrix
101 part of our world of numbers
by Medusa17 May 12, 2015
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A scenic highway that goes through California.
Take the 101, it's more scenic than most highways in Cali, plus there's bound to be less traffic.
by anonimus April 20, 2005
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