Something said right before a person does something amazingly stupid.
Hey Peter, watch this!
*jumps off the roof with an umbrella and breaks both legs*
by TheDumbGuy July 15, 2005
Something said right before a person does something amazingly stupid.

In the military it takes a quantum leap. with high explosives, high performance aircraft and situations that will get you killed in a heartbeat.

along with "based on my experience" "I've made a decision" "trust me" and "watch this"

It reaches another level if the MFer is smiling, chuckling or laughting.
The most dangerous thing in the US Army is a warrant officer AH-64 Apache pilot chuckling and saying "watch this"
by Alpino August 10, 2012
If you watched these notebooks, they'd become a watch.
by Irishhpirate February 17, 2020
Something u wear on ur arm that tells u the time.
by A casualty of heartbreak May 20, 2005
Phrase, generally used in a sarcastic tone, used to exaggerate something's distance, location or someone's profession. It is often accompanied by the term "like". Less popularly, it may be used in several other contexts which are deemed appropriate at the time.
Ex. 1 - Elisa: I wonder where they keep their jewelry...
Angela: Watch it be, like, on the top shelf where no one can reach or see it.

Ex. 2 - Jim: What's she do for a living?
Frank: Not sure. I'll ask her... Watch it be professional wrestling.
by September 14, 2006
Person 1: Hey watch this!
Person 2: *looks at person 1*
Person 1: *attempts to do a backflip and falls off of a building*
by VioletThePurple October 17, 2020
A period of time aboard vessels in which a person must stand as a lookout, or be in command of the ship, usually in 4-hour shifts.
I am on watch from 8am - 12pm, and from 8pm - 12am.
by Captain Swill November 11, 2010