(VERY RARE) They are people with flesh and blood and are able to communicate with the other side (ghosts,demons, etc.). Most Oculus' are born, but they could also be made later in life, most often through trauma, but that is extremely rare. The child Oculus is most at risk of possession or an "accidental" death, mainly caused by Shadowpeople. The teenage Oculus isn't to have these problems with spirits, but they're at high risk of suicide.
man, im sure im an oculus! its so hard to tell if its a blessing or a curse..
by a CREEK filled with TOMTORD January 5, 2017
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latin for "both eyes"
used in ophthalmology, oculus uterque means "both eyes"; whereas oculus dexter means right eye and oculus sinister means left eye
by renuza April 26, 2011
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Like the Oculus Rift, the Oculus Cocksoculus is a virtual reality system that provides euphoric sensations to men's penises. The Oculus Cocksoculus is also used as a battery and the test subjects used in these vile experiments are drained of their very life force as you experience constant busting of nuts on an hourly basis. The Chinese use this as a form of torture while trying to interrogate spies. It is said Kim Jong Il invented this to please himself and was saddened when he realized his boner could not fit the Oculus hole. The batteries are used to power the world as more and more men enter the Oculus Cocksoculus, there will be energy for all.
"Time to put them in the Oculus Cocksoculus"
by The Local Sanwich Maker April 12, 2016
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The embarrassing face (complete with temporary red rashes/lines) that a gamer lands up with after hours of strapping the oculus rift to his/her face.
Damn it's six already?!! Time to get rid of my oculus face and hit the party!
by killerdove March 29, 2016
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A company that had a promising future until it got devoured by Facebook.
Farmville already sucks. Why did they buy oculus rift just to make it 3D?
by shpee April 26, 2014
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