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Silly in a manic sort of way, as in the frame of mind induced by too little sleep and too much caffeine.
I was so punchy after my all-nighter that I walked up to my boss and tweaked her nose, just because I felt like it.
by house9 June 24, 2004
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Western term used to describe something or someone that is badass
Did you see those ostrich boots they're punchy as hell!
by kuboy April 05, 2016
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A term used to describe a cowboy who is wearing something extremely badass, gay, or extreme.
Now that boy looks punchy as hell!
by USS PussyDestroyer69 February 25, 2017
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a word used to describe a boxer who has been in the game to long and has been punched alot and it shows.
by DJ Derick January 29, 2011
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The act of tiresome delirium or hallucinations immediately following the body's inability to acquire its necessary rest-period. This state is often characterized by loud, obnoxious and generally unintelligible sounds and interjections strung together insensibly, while making markedly strange bodily motions or actions. Often occurs while studying for college's final exams or following activities that keep one awake beyond their normal hours. Rate/duration can be increased by the consumption of copious amounts of energy drinks, caffeine, or other study enhancing substances. I do not claim credit for the creation of this word, however I proudly claim that I am currently under its wicked shadow.
The sheer fact that I am entering this definition at this hour, while reading Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" is attributed to an enlightened and highly evolved state of "punchy."

Ex: "Did you see (insert name) last night in the study lounge? He/she was up at like 3 pounding energy drinks and freaking out. They were talking about their pet unicorn and being loud and unwelcomely touchy. That was me like 3 nights ago."
by Josh Rottman October 08, 2007
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The strong urge to release a rush of bad energy by wanting to punch random strangers or the next dude that says something stupid right in the face.
"I'm positive that I'm on my way to become a grumpy old woman as the urge to wanna punch every idiot I come accross is growing immensely!"

She´s got the punchies.
by mrsnice February 18, 2011
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