He gave his opinion on handling the war in Afghanistan, suggesting the United States send a squad of Midwestern football fans whose diets consist of cabbage, cheese and beer and let their flatulence cripple everyone in range.
by mackhallux September 6, 2010
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Fart, gas, cheese, break wind, cut, cut cheese, rip, ripped the cheese, let, let one, ripper, skunk bait, fluffer, poofer, false pooper, put-put, poof-poof, brown-dart, blue-dart, chair air, room clearer, angel's whisper, the dog did it, rotten eggs, anal methane.
"I had such bad flatulence, I could not sleep"
by Don August 7, 2004
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Euphemism for fart, blowing a binderfender, cutting a tile peeler.
Margie, when you have so much flatulence, I'd appreciate it if you'd stay home.
by Tuna Wanda May 21, 2005
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Shrek made a flatulence while in the mud tub with Fiona....she did the same
by serdrcgvdswedf March 11, 2022
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An ambulance specialized in care for steamroller accident victims. Definition is too short, my ass.
Oh no, Bubba got run over by that steamroller. Quick, get a flatulence!
by Bubba July 7, 2004
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Pre-internet Instant Message. Can have any of the following meanings:
"Here's a kiss for you."
"This is MY territory."
"I hate you!"
"Would you care to dance?"
As his rotten-egg-vomit flatulance filled the room, Ajit checked each person's face to see whether his instant message had been properly received. And Ashok smiled back and said, "Why yes, I'd love to dance with you."
by Noah Webster, Jr. February 17, 2005
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When your tired tyre's fatal inflation has flat out departed.
I lost my mojo motto due to flatulence.
by Hercolena Oliver May 4, 2008
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