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Satirical British magazine edited by Ian Hislop which specialises in exposing highbrow political scandal and making cheap nob gags. Very funny and well worth reading.
by Ian Chode June 5, 2003
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When you are fucking your girl from behind and pull out before blowing your load. You then take aim spunking in her eye as she looks back at you wondering why you don't want to give her a cream pie.
Dude#1:. How come your gf is squinting?
Dude#2: I have here the private eye last night.
by mafiaMike July 2, 2018
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a person who is nosy, asking too many questions, or known for snooping around in other people's business.
"Man, my girl is always asking me questions about where I been. She need to quit being inch eye-private eye.'
by treece December 22, 2005
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A short person usually found in the work place who is enjoys snitching on fellow colleagues to the big boss.
Look busy here comes the one inch high private eye!
by Abiswaythe January 30, 2010
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