Alcohol. thats what it is. Small headset means beer, less concentrated. Large headset is hard alcohol. created by pat field.
Lets go to the waterbury mall and get a headset!
Mom, im going to go get a headset.
by Steven Carlette April 8, 2008
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This agile yet strategic move occurs when a fine female specimen is lying on her side usually right after a duration of sex. The dominant male then squats carefully above her possibly sleeping head and gently or not so gently nestles his testicle into the cavernous gape of her ear cavity. He then carefully wraps his flacid penis (aka man-gina) around her face from her cheek to her lips thus offering the perfect in ear headset for her personal use, or until he kicks her out of bed because he needs his testi back.
That girl was adventurous. Wu she wanted, WOW'ed she got. She even let him give her the 'headset'.
by Blz March 8, 2006
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A communicating device usually used during a play or performance, or a torture device that squeezes your brains out of your ear. Commonly used by a techie in the booth. Has a volume control that goes higher that a concert of The Used.
-on the headset-
Me:ahh, this headset is killing me!
You:i know,and i can't feel my left ear.
by danceintherain May 24, 2008
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A cross between mind set and head space

Particularly used when cross faded and can't speak.
Me like this headset. I mean my mind set. I mean where my head is. I like.
by Firstnymo July 22, 2017
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A vulgar sexual deviation, an act which is caused by a "slapping" of the cheek using one's Penis or other sexually orientated device. A Correctly performed "Humberside Headset" causes a headset shaped bruise from ear to mouth upon the right hand side of said face. I.e A shaft-like line down the side of the face caused by the "body" and a circular shape on the chin caused by the helmet of said device/and or Penis.

Explicitly referenced towards Phil Brown, manager of Hull City FC (Humberside) for his persistent wearing of such gear (Headset,) and his insulting intent to ruin premiership football for the whole of the north east, not including Makems. In particular his last day antics during the 08/09 Premiership Football season, upon which he sang unceremoniously after Hull survived relegation.
1. Guy 1: "I met this cute girl the other day... found out she was a Hull City fan..."

Guy 2. "So... what did you say to her?"

Guy 1: "Nothing, just gave her a 'Humberside Headset' and told her to leave..."

2. That Phil Brown is some tosser, id love to see him at the next game bearing the embarressment and indignity of a real 'Humberside Headset'
by MagpieAndOutlaw August 18, 2009
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what fuckin durshes say to refer to a legit(really nice) head unit in vehicles
Kyle: Hey ya fuckin dursh did ya get ya balla headset put in ya seeon yet? The one ya got now whack!

Me: Um, no dude i left my xbox 360 headset at my house where it belongs.
by kyle iz balla July 1, 2009
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A prank where someone falls asleep, most likely after ingesting copious amounts of Keystone Light or other frat beer, and one of their compadres skillfully places his testicles about the ears, laying their shaft across the face (mimicking a bluetooth headset) of the sleeping person. They then take a picture of it with the victim's cell phone and proceed to picture message everyone in their phonebook with the picture afterwords.
Douche1, "Dude, did you get the picture message from Tony last night, with a big cock laying across his face?"

Docuhe2, "Yeah man, he totally got the bluetooth headset at that party."
by DeeP_FRieD September 16, 2009
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