The way a moron spells you're dumb which is stupid to say the least.
Some guy: Your dumb
by Oy Oy M8 December 19, 2017
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When someone with at least marginal intelligence chooses to do something completely mindless like watch low quality "reality" television or flip through "US Weekly".
Brother-in-law: "Are you watching Bachelorette?"

Sister-in-law: "It's my one release and the girl is from Charlotte, just like I am."

Wife: "You're getting your dumb on!"
by T-Browser July 17, 2012
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phrase used when someone does a stupid,idiotic or retarded action...
Used when someone does something stupid.

Bob : I got her pregnant last nite.
Frank : Kill your dumb...
by D5 January 29, 2003
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an easy way to say shut the fuck up you look like an idiot.
you can also use it as an insult.
1. Andrea shut your dumb dumb bubble gum lookin ass up
2. Emma get your dumb dumb bubble gum lookin ass back in here
by Dominiquxee December 10, 2018
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You just did something dumb or you have TRASH grammar

and i said the trash grammar cause my friends grammar is Trash
Now your just being dumb you don't know what note is G on the piano
by Kayla Bayla May 27, 2021
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