How heavily an individual is intoxicated/drunk and forthcoming consequences as a result
Man, my drunkenness is starting to get the better of me; I want to pork your sister.
by bantaclause January 27, 2015
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a little more drunk than drunken , drunkener.
he was pretty drunk, you were way more drunk, but he is way drunkener than you!
by katelyn<3 May 1, 2006
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It's a handy word that easily explains a big gap in your evening of drinking. When you went from drunk and aware, to drunken and unaware, but then got busy with missions that can't be pieced together the next day.
I woke up outside my own house cuddling a wheelie bin, covered in glitter, wearing budgie smugglers over jeans and holding the reins to a miniature horse. Man, I was so drunken last night.
by genoir April 23, 2010
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One who utilizes the intoxicating effects of alcohol to pacify women into sexual submision.
hey bitch, drink that shit and come over here.
by Eric Phillips March 26, 2004
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The act or process of becoming drunk. To drink with the intention of becoming drunk or intoxicated. To continue drinking once already intoxicated.
Person 1 opens bottle of Tequila
Person 2 alright! lets begin Drunkening.

Person 1 we havent had a drink in a while.
Person 2 yeah it is about time we had another Drunkening.

Person 1 Are you drunk yet?
Person 2 Yeah bit i still have a fair bit of Drunkening to go.
by Ausrider November 6, 2007
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A state at which you have basically been intoxicated by the power of 2
My girlfriend got drunken drunken last night.
Dude is she ok?
by Drunkendrunkenmaniac October 23, 2010
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When you recognize someone when you are intoxicated, but have no recollection of that same person when you are sober. Derived from the words drunk and recognize.
Now that I've had a few shots I totally drunkenize you.
by Peter Clary November 18, 2007
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