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spork:a combination of a spoon and a fork
sporked: to be jabbed or prodded with one or more sporks
sporker: one who uses a spork for pleasure alone or for humourous reasons within a group.
sporking: a game involving a group of people with sporks who chase after fat kids, saying they will eat them.
sporkage: someone who has just been sporked by a group of rowdy sporkers.
sporkness: to resemble a spork
sporkification, sporkified: process and product of morphing into a spork
sporkage: that fatass just had some extreme hardcore sporkage back there by those rowdy sporkers.
by 4dimensional March 19, 2004

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A lame, unfunny comic strip in the newspaper centred on the antics of one large dog named Marmaduke.
Marmaduke is one of the shittiest comic strips ever. Read Foxtrot, it's 10x better.
by 4dimensional January 02, 2005

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to clean floors with the swiffer duster.
i was swiffering my house the other day when i heard the kitchen window shatter.. i went in to look and there was a pile of shit on the floor. All the more crap to swiffer.
by 4dimensional March 25, 2004

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Uber-good Canadian music magazine filled with all kinds of new-rock goodies.
I only buy Chart magazine so I can read the interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette.
by 4dimensional January 02, 2005

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1 - A hobo that frequents the trains and requires someone to wash his feet all the time. Like the dude in the simpsons during that one episode.

2 - Old musician dude with good tunes
1 - Boxcar willie has been riding the trains for 20 years, and still hasn't had a decent shower

2 - Oh man, these old Boxcar Willie 8-tracks are teh rox0r
by 4dimensional September 02, 2004

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I have officially come up with the meaning for the pirate-saying SHIVER ME TIMBERS. Ok get this: Another word for timber is wood. And when you shiver, you're usually cold or afraid. In other words..........

Arrr, zat's how teh pirates like it. Shiver me timbers! PH34R T3H W00D.
by 4dimensional August 04, 2005

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"The Avrils" : Used to describe all girls between the ages of 13 and 16 who dress like skaters or punks, but are hanging out at malls rather than Fugazi shows.

see: mallpunk, mallcore, sk8er
"I just wanted to get some new jeans, but the Avrils had flooded the store and the lineup went on forever!"
by 4dimensional September 01, 2004

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